Tuesday, 29 June 2010


As you can tell from my first post, I am totally obsessed with Clogs! So it is only fitting they should be featured in my first real blog.

We first seen Clogs come back at the end of last year but it wasn't till the March cover of Vogue, that we seen the official come back of the clog! God bless you Alexa Chung, your Chanel halo is glistening.

Since that cover and countless celebs parading round in their serious tidy clogs, I have literally been salivating over my computer screen, shop windows and high streets in Manchester!

Who knew that the shoe traditionally made to protect ones feet, whilst working on the farms and in the factories and mines. Would be gracing the cover of Vogue with a serious luscious  revamp.


REAL: Everyone should be obsessing over these drop dead gorgeous Chanel clogs that Alexa sported back in the March edition of Vogue.

STEAL: Jeffrey Campbell has to be laughing all the way to the bank with their almost identical Charlie C Clogs, at £85 or around $125 it is a fantastic steal, with the only big noticeable difference being the buckle on the instep strap that can be worn at the front and round the back of your heel.

Now I hate to sway away from anything Karl Largerfeld, but I really do prefer the extra versatility the Jeffrey Campbell Clog offers with the strap, and the fact that I could buy all the variations of the collection for the price of one pair of Clogs may have something to do with it, Let me know what you think?

Of course the luxury of having Chanel on your feet is an unbelievable feeling- well literally as I don't have any Chanel, but I can imagine it is pretty good!-and strolling around town with these beauties on your feet is a real omg look at me moment. But the steal is such a fantastic copy unless you are completely loaded  and can afford both then luck you, but how could you not go for the best steal I've seen for a while and purchase a bloody lovely pair of Jeffrey Campbells, I know I will be next Tuesday, when payday comes around again :)

Brits can purchase Jeffrey Campbell at office http://www.office.com/
For Europe and America you can purchase those wooden and leather gems at http://www.nordstom.com/

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