Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dress on trend this festival season

Last weekend saw thousands of people attend Glasto, I couldn't get a ticket this year but fingers crossed for next summer. If you were lucky enough to be there or managed to watch it on the box, you will be aware of the hoards of celebrities that shown up to the celebrate 40 years of Glastonbury!

Stevie Wonder, Muse, Dizzee Rascal, Snoop Dogg, Shakira and Scissor Sistors were just a fraction of the big names that turned up, and the focus was not just on the music.

The media and me included totally obsess over what everyone is wearing; what worked and what bombed?!

Corinne hit the pyramid stage on Friday of the festival and looked absolutely fabulous in her super-cute play
suit, Miss Rae teamed her play suit with a delicious pair of brogues. Corinne kept accessories minimal allowing us to focus on this dreamy little piece.

Jameela Jamil, I have been totally crushing on Miss Jamils style, and she didn't disappoint at Glasto. Teaming her Lacoste tshirt dress,lace shorts paired with peep-toe wedged ankle boots, she looked sick especially with the over sized scarf, hat and Wayfarer like sunnies give the outfit a very cool festival feel.

Kelly Osbourne flew in for the festival and kept to her rock and roll nature, sporting an 80's Madonna pop rock vibe. Leggings with leather contour panelling would of looked better but with the high temps we can let her off looking rather teeny bopperish. The hair is still a big no-no for me but to each their own, I really want to know what she is channeling?

Emma Watson, another style crush impressed at Glastonbury in this outfit, Emma gave us another source for festival fashion, in this sleeveless white shirt, with ripped denim shorts and grey plimsoles. I love the leopard print belt but a black belt would carry this outfit out of the festival. Emma turned head and caught headlines during her stay when she rocked another outfit wearing a rather risky Louis V basque!

Sienna Miller looked effortlessly cool in this i just threw it on outfit. A pure example of how festival fashion should be done.


Looking good.. Miley Cyrus

I couldn't help but feel a sigh of relief when i stumbled across some photos of Miley Cyrus out with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, whilst wait for it.. covering her money maker and doing it very well.

At the moment we're used to seeing Miley looking very scantily clad on and off the stage, see here at Britain's got talent.

So you can imagine mine and others surprise when I saw Miley dressed in a way that I'm sure brought many a happy tear to Daddy Billy Ray's eyes.

I'm totally in love with this look, it's perfect for a late lunch while strolling around on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Miley really has pulled it off well, the look is very well put together and looks effortless, just as french chic should be done. Looking stunning in her Elizabeth and James striped tee, she weaars her JET jeans and of course she finishes her outfit with a pair of oh-so-fabulous Jeffrey Campbell Charli's! Not to mention the whole look was tied to together with some serious Aussie arm candy ;) Let's just hope Miss Cyrus keeps it up.

If you don't have the joys of a gorgeus man on your arms, up the anti on this french chic look with some serious french arm candy! If you have the means to then go all out with a quilted chanel. If you can't afford the designer tag; Asos and high street stores do some great versions, including new look. They do a great patent leather one that was around £18 and has lasted really well and still looks new.

Shop Miley's look

1) Elizabeth and James striped pocket tee $135 @ shop style
2) JET Anchor skinny jeans $160 @
3) Jeffrey Campbell Charli Cloggs £85/$135 @ Office and Nordstom

Celebs.... in Clogs

Alex Gerrard strolls through Liverpool looking bang on trend and stunning in her new Clogs, however over indulging in the slashed clothing trend.

Miley Cyrus out and about in Toluca Lake with beau Liam Hemsworth; looked fab
 in her tan Jeffrey Campbell Clogs.

Rachel Bilson attended a meeting in her casual clogs, sporting a smaller heel. Showing us a new place and a new way to wear our new favourites! Although if Rachel was on E I'm pretty sure Giuliana would place a hefty fine on Rachel! Her cool fitted blazer mixed with the scruffy tee and ill fitting slashed jeans just don't fit together for me. Respect your clogs Bilson! 

Shenae Grimes and the Miss O have both been seen rocking the trend, Shenae looked pretty miserable as she was papped, my bet's on her clogs. While her clog is more walker friendly and still allows Shenae to look on trend, a wedged  or sandal clog would of looked better whilst still staying in 70's vibe.

Kate Beckinsale looked awesome in her killer clogs, I'm not sure how on earth she managed to stroll around with her hubby in these bad lads? But they really are something! One of my favourite clog looks so far :)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


As you can tell from my first post, I am totally obsessed with Clogs! So it is only fitting they should be featured in my first real blog.

We first seen Clogs come back at the end of last year but it wasn't till the March cover of Vogue, that we seen the official come back of the clog! God bless you Alexa Chung, your Chanel halo is glistening.

Since that cover and countless celebs parading round in their serious tidy clogs, I have literally been salivating over my computer screen, shop windows and high streets in Manchester!

Who knew that the shoe traditionally made to protect ones feet, whilst working on the farms and in the factories and mines. Would be gracing the cover of Vogue with a serious luscious  revamp.


REAL: Everyone should be obsessing over these drop dead gorgeous Chanel clogs that Alexa sported back in the March edition of Vogue.

STEAL: Jeffrey Campbell has to be laughing all the way to the bank with their almost identical Charlie C Clogs, at £85 or around $125 it is a fantastic steal, with the only big noticeable difference being the buckle on the instep strap that can be worn at the front and round the back of your heel.

Now I hate to sway away from anything Karl Largerfeld, but I really do prefer the extra versatility the Jeffrey Campbell Clog offers with the strap, and the fact that I could buy all the variations of the collection for the price of one pair of Clogs may have something to do with it, Let me know what you think?

Of course the luxury of having Chanel on your feet is an unbelievable feeling- well literally as I don't have any Chanel, but I can imagine it is pretty good!-and strolling around town with these beauties on your feet is a real omg look at me moment. But the steal is such a fantastic copy unless you are completely loaded  and can afford both then luck you, but how could you not go for the best steal I've seen for a while and purchase a bloody lovely pair of Jeffrey Campbells, I know I will be next Tuesday, when payday comes around again :)

Brits can purchase Jeffrey Campbell at office
For Europe and America you can purchase those wooden and leather gems at

My first blog

Ive never written a blog before so I'm just guessing you're supposed to treat it as a diary?

My names Charlie, I'm 19 and from England.

As you will see throughout this blog my English is awful and unfortunately I cant structure sentences for a pair of YSL pumps or Chanel clogs that I am totally obsessiong over! (Its a sad world) How I got an A in English I don't know. I'm in my last year at college; where I study business and will hopefully be attending uni next September should anyone let me in :/

I live at home with my Mother and Brothers, my lovely yet paranoid fluffy Chinese Crested and a very cool Tom Cat. And as you might guess with the Primarni budget my family except my little brother have other things to obsess about than fashion. My little brother on the other hand is some what of a genius, on countless times he has helped me organise my wardrobe, put together outfits and give me advice,(although sometimes unwanted, but usually bang on.)  on all the new trends he sees on E news. All whilst singing show tunes or the soundtrack of Glee. A perfect pocket stylist :) It is nice to have someone in the family who won't say yes automatically, when you ask them about your outfit or for their opinion on the new must haves.

I have a boyfriend of two years, who really is a knight in shining armour aaaand almost perfect in every single way ;) And absolutely gorgeous! He's a great cook, I wish he'd cook for me more often but I did say almost perfect! I'm a bit of a nightmare girlfriend although he'd disagree as I suffer pretty bad anxieties but he's good at keeping me sane-ish and out of a mental institute, I'd like to say I'm kidding. Love love love :)

In terms of Uni I have my eye on LCF in London, just the thought of sifting through all the amazing finds in little vintage boutiques makes me skip a heart beat. I'm applying for BA Fashion management and should I get accepted I'll be moving across country and settling down in the big smoke; which really does and mind my french SHIT me up! But in a good exciting kind of way :p

Which brings me to the point of this blog, although I have been toying with the idea for a while and am completely unqualified to do so it has been recommended as a req. for the course so I thought I best give it a shot and if no one reads it at least I've saved my self some embarrassment.

So yeah I had to create a clog I mean blog- I really need some clogs baaad, has anyone seen the Jeffrey Campbell Charlie clog, they are a pretty smart match to the Chanel ones and £85 I think primarni girl can stump up the cash for those bad boys!! Anyway I had to create a BLOG to comment on fashion, so to say the least this should be interesting. And hopefully I can learn a lot more whilst I blog... sounds so American, I love it!

I know people can comment on this so if anyone ever sees this and has any advice on the whole blogging shabang or inspiration please give me the heads up cos I am sure I am batting way above my average.

Anyway If you have read this then cheers and hope at least some of the stuff I put on here is at least half decent to help me in to UNI.. ARGHHHHHHHH!!